Two kinds of financial aid will be provided:

S1. Financial support for travel plus R$ 1.360,00, a little more than eight nights in the Hotel L’Opera in single room. ( see the list of official hotels for the event in our site).

S2. R$ 680,00, equivalent to eight nights in the Hotel L’Opera in double room ( see the list of official hotels for the event in our site).


In order to apply for S1 the candidate must be a graduate student or a young researcher (who got his/her PhD in the last three years). It is required to register and to send the following documents to [email protected], until March 15:

1. Justification, written by the candidate, for his/her application, specifying the mini-courses he/she wants to attend, as well as the importance of these courses in his/her research project and his/her affiliation.

The candidate must participate in the whole event and must attend 4 mini-courses among the six ones offered: 1 -Non-cooperative games, 2 -Introduction to Auctions, 3 - Experimental Economics or Game theory and Democracy and 4- Networks or Stochastic games: Algorithms and Existence Theorems.

2. Recommendation letter written by the candidate’s advisor, with the information about when the candidate plans to finish the graduate course, if the candidate is a student. Otherwise, the recommendation letter should be written by a Professor and should contain the information about the year the candidate finished the graduate course.

3. A brief description of one page long of the research project that is being developed by the candidate, specifying in which topic(s) of game theory the project fits. This document must be signed by the candidate and by whom writes the recommendation letter.

4. Curriculum vitae emphasizing the scientific production, if any.

5. Up dated transcript of graduate courses.


A group of candidates may be invited to present and discuss his/her research project in the poster session. Independently, any candidate may submit a paper for presentation in a regular session.

The kind S2 of financial support will be provided to a limited number of regular speakers, among those ones who will have their papers accepted for presentation and will participate in the whole event.

All selected candidates will receive an e-mail from us by April 15.


By the end of the workshop every participant will be asked to answer, by written, some questions aiming to provide us with his/her evaluation of the event.